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Psychological assessments

Psychological assessments are part of all the work that I do with my clients and need to be done before any intervention can be planned or delivered. However, a psychological assessment can also provide crucial information, for example in a court case, or in making a claim for compensation. This sort of assessment can help to explore psychological wellbeing as well as to identify the psychological impact of a specific event or events on an individual.


Cognitive assessments and assessments of Intellectual Disability (Learning Disability)

I am also able to conduct cognitive assessments to help assess for cognitive impairments and learning difficulties. These assessments allow me to measure IQ and general intellectual ability in addition to measuring separate components of cognitive ability, such as processing speed and working memory among others.

Assessments of Intellectual Disability (new diagnostic term for Learning Disability) require multiple components and typically include the following appointments: history taking session, cognitive assessment, assessment of adaptive functioning.


I have experience in conducting psychological and cognitive assessments at the request of individuals and solicitors, and in preparing reports for both criminal and civil courts. I have also conducted assessments and prepared reports for other uses, for example to help clients evidence that they need increased support or have suffered an injury.


Please contact me using the details at the bottom of the screen or via the Contact tab for more information or for a quote for either type of assessment.

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