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Rates are usually charged on a session by session basis and must be paid at the start of the session or prior to it. However, block bookings are available and may qualify you for a discount on the overall cost of your treatment. If you are referred by a private healthcare company different rates may be applicable depending on the fees set by the individual company and whether or not you have an excess on your policy, but will be discussed beforehand.


Quotes for specific assessments, court reports, consultation, and training are available on request and dependent on the amount of work involved. Please use the contact information at the bottom of the screen or the Contact tab.

Individual sessions


per session

Face to Face:

Initial consultation (1 hr - 90 mins)             £120


Subsequent sessions (50 mins - 1 hr)         £100



All sessions (30 mins)                                       £45

Couples sessions


per session

Initial consultation (1 hr - 90 mins)               £120


Subsequent sessions (50 mins - 1 hr)         £100

Initial consultation for primary client               £150

(1 hr - 90 mins)


Subsequent sessions with family                     £120

(50 mins - 1 hr)

Family sessions


per session

Group sessions


per person per session**

Initial individual consultation                £120

(1 hr - 90 mins)


Subsequent group sessions                   £100

(50 mins - 1 hr)

**Group sessions are only run when there are an appropriate number of people wanting to attend. This number is usually considered to be between 4 and 8 individuals. Number of group sessions vary, but will be discussed prior to agreement to attend a group. All groups will be put together based on similarity of difficulties experienced by group members, and will be led by a Clinical Psychologist.

Fees must be paid at the start of the session or prior to it. Payment can be taken via cash, BACS, PayPal, debit or credit card (debit and credit card payments are taken through a PayPal card reader). Regular sessions and block bookings can also be paid for by standing order. Details of how to pay by BACS, PayPal or standing order will be sent after initial contact is made.

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